There are a lot of different things that go into creating a great backyard. To create the best backyard for your home, it’s important to consider the climate where you live. There are a few elements in particular that will impact how well you’re able to enjoy this outdoor space. As such, they should be taken into account when you’re planning your backyard.


A cool breeze on a hot summer day can be one of the most refreshing things. Not all wind is so pleasant to experience though, and some places are more prone to stronger wind than others. Create a wind barrier to shelter your yard from the wind. Some fences can do this well, as can trees and shrubs

Fences also provide privacy and can keep kids and pets from wandering off. Trees and shrubs add beauty to your yard as well as protection from the wind. Use all of these options to enjoy all of their benefits in your backyard.


Virtually everything living needs some water to survive, albeit in varying quantities. That said, too much water can be a problem, especially for a wood deck, outdoor furniture, and more delicate plants. Prevent water damage by waterproofing portions of your backyard. Waterproofing your outdoor space reduces maintenance costs. 

Remember to take the material that you’re waterproofing into account so you can do it properly. Make touching up the waterproofing part of your regular home maintenance schedule if necessary. You can also choose materials like vinyl for things like outdoor furniture, as vinyl holds up well to water exposure.


Like wind and water, too much sun can prevent you from enjoying your backyard fully. Some sun exposure is beneficial, but make sure you have a way to escape direct sunlight if you want to. Those trees you planted as a windbreak could provide lovely shade, as can patio umbrellas, or a gazebo or pavilion. Add an awning over your deck or patio for shade while you enjoy these spaces too.

If you want to have a backyard that is easy to take care of and easy to enjoy, remember to take the elements common to your local climate into consideration during the planning process. The elements will impact what plants grow well. They will also influence what you need to make your backyard as comfortable as possible. To create the perfect backyard, remember to take them into account.

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