The Benefits of Composite Decking

In contrast to the initial sum you would invest in composites, you will spend more money on wood over the course of 25 years due to its high maintenance costs. Research indicates that wooden decks require replacement every ten to fifteen years. Considering the current surge in lumber costs in northeast Ohio, now is a great time to make an investment in composite decking.


Composite Decks

Enjoy the outdoors more with our maintenance free composite decks. We install the following brands of quality decking materials: Azec, Clubhouse, Evolve, Evergrain.

Our mold-resistant decks have so many other benefits to make your space beautiful and easy to maintain.

Discover the Charm of Vinyl Railing

Elevate your home’s appeal and ensure lasting security with our top-tier Vinyl Railing. Perfect for the practical yet style-conscious homeowner, this railing option offers a lifetime of low-maintenance luxury. Relax in your enhanced backyard without worrying about upkeep. With each addition, from gates to lighting, you’re not just installing; you’re upgrading your home’s value and safety, effortlessly. Create a space where family life thrives in style and comfort.

Sunsetter Awnings

Vinyl Railings

  • Low-maintenance vinyl material affords you the luxury to simply unwind, relax, and enjoy your backyard.
  • Vinyl railing enhances the appeal and security of your home.
  • Add a gate, a secondary handrail, porch posts, or even lighting to your next project.
  • Our Superior Plastics vinyl railing comes with a lifetime warranty.

Transform Your Outdoors: Top-Rated Awnings

Step outside and into comfort with our premium Sunsetter® Awnings, where luxury meets practicality at the touch of a button. Our motorized models extend gracefully without support arms, offering an unobstructed, elegant shade that transforms your deck or patio into a serene retreat. Choose the VISTA for budget-friendly sophistication or the robust 1000XT for expansive coverage. The Oasis model, which is freestanding and can be placed anywhere in your garden or by the pool, offers movable shade for maximum versatility. Awnings that safeguard, accentuate, and improve your outside experiences will help you embrace easy living.

Sunsetter Awnings


Complete that Outdoor look with a Sunsetter Awning.

You can find multiple models of motorized awnings, manual awnings, and even freestanding awnings for your location.

Outdoor Bliss, Indoor Comfort: Where Comfort Meets Nature

Embrace the best of both worlds with our screened porches, your gateway to outdoor relaxation without the bugs. Picture yourself enjoying peaceful mornings or lively evenings, completely protected from pests. Our screen porches complement your house well and provide a sleek area where comfort and nature merge. It will quickly become your go-to location for family dinners, coffee breaks, and simply unwinding after a long day. Transform your home with a touch of tranquility — start living the screened porch life.

Screened Porches

Screened Porches

Our Screened Porches/Sunrooms are perfect for any person looking for a relaxing getaway location