As a homeowner who has recently built a wooden deck on your property, you’re probably getting plenty of use from the feature by spending time lounging around and dining outside. Although your wood deck may be extremely appealing because of its natural beauty and durability, it can suffer from damage due to pests that arrive without invitation. If you want to protect and preserve the material, there are a few essential tips to follow throughout the year.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is known to attract mosquitoes and other types of pests as they seek moisture, which makes it necessary to remove any water that accumulates. According to Hometips, putting drains in your deck might be a good solution for water that pools on your deck. Avoid having a fountain or water feature present on the deck, and cover any areas that are prone to collecting rain when harsh weather conditions arrive. You’ll also need to shovel snow off the deck or use a leaf blower to remove excess moisture that pools.

Limit Soil-to-Wood Contact

You’ll want to protect the wood from pests, and limiting soil-to-wood contact will ensure that the material isn’t in proximity to the venue where bugs thrive. You may also want to treat the entire edge of the deck and the underneath portion of it where termites can find a place to stake a claim. According to ChemTec Pest Control, termites are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all 365 days of the year, which makes it necessary to have some sort of barrier in place to consistently protect the wood.

Remove the Appeal

One of the main mistakes homeowners make is turning their deck into an inviting space where pests could invade, according to D. S. Bahr Construction. A deck that has several plants or a BBQ that sits out uncovered will welcome bugs looking for food. Make it a point to keep any trash cans sealed and thoroughly clean your BBQ to remove any food particles left behind after grilling. You’ll need to maintain the landscaping by cutting back hedges and lengthy grass. Adding a wind chime or a mirror will also prevent birds from spending time near the deck and leaving droppings behind. 

Building a new deck in your yard can be a big investment. It requires proper care to protect the wood and increase its longevity. By following the right tips and remaining proactive in maintaining the feature, you can ward off pests and prevent them from causing damage to it. You’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.
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