With drought affecting so many areas in the US today, it can be challenging to create outdoor spaces that reflect our ideas of beauty, comfort, and fun. Here are some ways to have a great-looking landscape while also conserving water.

Build More Artificial Structures

What better excuse to build a patio, deck, or outdoor room than a limited water supply? Adding a sunroom can create a transitional area that blends the indoors with the outdoors. You can grow more delicate plants within the protection of the transitional area that will join the two areas seamlessly. Shaded plants in pots require less water. There are so many creative awnings these days that you don’t even need to build a structure if you have places to attach them. Patios and decks can create a low-maintenance outdoor entertainment area. Create spaces that make you want to be outside so that you can wring every last bit of enjoyment out of your yard.

Cut Back on Unneeded Water

Although decreased water supply is a major issue in the US, it doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying green spaces. Changing your grass out for artificial turf can massively cut back on water costs. It’s evergreen, never grows weeds, and doesn’t need to be mowed. As part of a well-landscaped yard, quality artificial turf can be nearly indiscernible. Before you think it won’t work for you, check out the pet-friendly turf rolls that can keep your pets enjoying the greenery as much as you do.

Use Rock to Create Inviting Spaces

Using rock to delineate smaller planting spaces in your yard can reduce the number of areas you need to water while highlighting plants that perfectly suit your desired look. Small rock and raised garden beds can give you a more formal English garden look to grow blooms and kitchen herbs. You can create stone paths that meander through smaller planting areas supplemented with rock. Using rock to create borders and elevated layers can add interest, dimension, and mini gardens at different heights. There are many ways to use rock that can satisfy your creative side and give you a yard that is completely unique in your neighborhood.

Think of all the water and labor you’ll save by implementing even one of these ideas. Combine them and you can create a plan for your outdoor spaces that increases your enjoyment, gets you outside more, and effectively extends your living space.