The first thing your friends see when they come to your home is the outside. It’s also the first thing you see when you arrive home after a long day. Increasing the beauty of your landscaping can make your home look even more lovely.

Invest in Your Deck

A deck is a marvelous place to entertain a crowd. There are many different ways that you can upgrade its look. Consider adding a green wall to break the wind or to stop the sun’s glare. Or, if you want to enclose the space without blocking sunlight, consider some easy-to-install vinyl railing. Then, plant your favorite flowers. Consider installing an archway at the top of the stairs and covering it with a fast-growing potted vine. You can even add hanging baskets to make the area more colorful. Your deck can be a great place to watch wildlife.

Think Greenery

Did you know that adding greenery to your landscaping can positively impact your health and wellbeing? According to Peninsula Health Care, access to nature and outdoor spaces is closely associated with mental restoration and stress management. There are many ways that you can add greenery to your landscaping. Using different shades of green adds visual interest to your living space. You may also want to think about incorporating different green textures into your landscaping. Choosing plants with bold textures is a great way to add drama to a space.

Meanwhile, choosing plants with a fine texture, like ornamental grasses, can add a more casual vibe. Celebrity Greens warns those that live somewhere hot and arid that synthetic turf may be a better alternative to putting in many resources in keeping natural grass green and healthy. A potted tree on the porch can add a lot of character, too.

Add Garden Decor

There are many types of garden decor that you can add to your landscaping. These items add unexpected touches and help your landscaping to seem more planned. If your garden contains a creek bed, pond, or stream, you can add a vinyl bridge that will greatly enhance the ambiance. You can turn two large terracotta pots into a lovely table by stacking them together and adding a pizza stone for a top. You can turn an old wine bottle into a mosquito torch, helping to keep bugs away by just attaching the wick to the top of the bottle. You could also add twinkle lights to your trees to give dark corners more light at night. Create a fun bird bath by flipping a tomato cage upside down and adding a plate. Add some comfortable seating so your family and your guests can enjoy the garden, and you’re all set!

You can add plants and greenery throughout your landscaping to add visual interest to your space. Get busy today by choosing one of these projects. Once you start, you’ll soon find that you’re creating your own marvelous ideas.