While being a DIYer is great for cutting costs as well as allowing freedom of design, you may still have to use some heavy-duty equipment. If you are planning to do some work around your home, the last thing you want is to have the equipment rip up your lawn. Using construction mats helps eliminate this problem as they can create a temporary path as well as a platform for the machinery. Here are a couple of types of mats along with some pros and cons of both.

Traditional Hardwood

Hardwood mats are great in that they can be joined together to create temporary roadways as well as form platforms that heavy machinery can rest on. They can help secure ground that is not very stable, including swampy or muddy areas, and they can form bridges over ditches. These mats are excellent for accessing wet areas and muddy environments, but they do not bear weight as well as other mats.

Steel-Reinforced Mats

Steel-reinforced mats are stronger than hardwood mats, enabling them to support heavier loads and equipment. These are usually a combination of wood that is encased in steel. These mats are great for supporting very large equipment such as cranes, and they can be repaired fairly easily. However, these mats aren’t typically good for use in an environment composed of soft ground.

Choosing the Right Mats

When choosing construction mats for your DIY project, take into consideration the conditions that you are working in as well as the equipment being used. A DIY home pool project will require the use of heavy equipment; however, the conditions may also be a bit wet. If you will be using a crane, you may want to get heavy-equipment mats. You may also find that you need to use different mats for different areas of your project. That’s something to consider as well. 

Whatever your project, if you need to get heavy equipment involved, then construction mats are the sensible way to go. They help you access difficult areas as well as prevent the equipment from destroying the rest of your property. Just because you do the construction yourself doesn’t mean you should take an amateur approach. You can have a professional and safe worksite simply by laying down a couple of construction mats. If you plan this in advance, you’ll be glad you did.

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