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3 Steps To Install Your Key-Link Aluminum Railing

1. Install Railing Post & Post Trim

Space Posts according to deck con guration and Top Rail length.

Place Leveling Plate (highlighted) between Post Mount and mounting surface. Attach to structural surface using bolts or lags (not included). Using a 3/16″ Allen wrench, turn set screws to level Post Mount. Then fully tighten structural screws.

2. Attach Bottom Rail

Measure between Posts subtracting 1/4″ from total length, and if necessary cut Rails and Rail Insert to proper length by cutting an equal amount from each end. Do not cut through Baluster holes.Slide the Bracket over the Rails, then put the Rail in place (2-1/2″above mounting surface) and slide the self-centering bracket against the post. Fasten bracket to post using #12 screws, and secure bracket to railing using #10 pan-head screws.

3. Install Balusters & Mount Top Rail

Insert Balusters into the holes in the Bottom Rail. Push firmly to set.
Insert Post Spacers so they remain ush with the top face of Post.

Place Top Rail with Rail Insert 36″ or 42″ (measured from the deck surface to the top face of the Rail), and onto Balusters. Fasten topost using self-centering brackets and #12 screws.Secure bracket to railing using#10 pan-head screws.Repeat for Middle Rail.Place cap on post and use rubber mallet to set in place.

Aluminum Railing Installation Guide

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